About us

A wedding dress is like your best friend - you can rely on her.


The dress never betrays you, can perfectly hide what’s not supposed to be seen and she will always be by your side. It is thanks to her that you feel beautiful and self-confident.


That’s exactly what we think in Marietta Mariage. For over 30 years we have been supporting all the brides out there in their biggest day of them all. We take part in every little step of choosing the perfect wedding dress.


Our experience is based on hundreds of meetings with Brides, their Mothers and Friends. We have gone through countless corrections and fittings. Thanks to that, we can now offer You dresses that fit flawlessly, even after long hours.

Do you dream of becoming a princess, femme fatale or a boho goddess in this very special day?


Or maybe you just want a classic, minimalistic outfit? Rest assured - somewhere on a hanger we have a dress that is made just for you. And if you somehow can’t find it - we will sew it for you.


In Marietta Mariage we work with experienced designers and tailors, that’s why we will not surprise you with a design that doesn’t match you. We are all women, we know exactly how our bodies behave, and how important it is that your dress looks perfect in the pictures. Marietta’s wedding dresses suit both petite and plus size women. And that’s what we love the most in our job - we make dresses that tell your story - sometimes cheerful and carefree, sometimes serious and full of experiences. We can guide you, we can talk about dresses.

There’s no place for mistakes or experiments on your wedding day. Visit Marietta Mariage and meet your best friend.


Let the moment begin